Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll

Comedy – Music Business – Drugs

“What’s up NYC?!”. The rush of 80.000 screaming voices. Johnny could almost feel the sound waves through the stage curtain. In a few minutes everyone’s eyes would be on him. 80.000 people would follow his every move, his every word. Even more people would be watching him on TV. They would understand him, love him and listen to his message. He now had the power to change the world.

An upcoming rock band experiments with a chemical drug that removes mental blockings and unleashes creativity. A hopeless promo tour turns into a triumphal while the drug’s side effects opens mental gates to escalating insanity.

We play a band and their manager through a series of scenes from the tour. We don’t focus on the concerts but on how success and increasing insanity mess up the daily life. The scenes are typically organized around one main character while the others support his experience by playing along with his specific insanity. In the end the band members have to decide: will they give up the drug to lead normal lives? Or will they continue to pursue stardom, whatever the cost?

As for the player – you’re an extrovert and a bit of a drama queen. You don’t play to win, but to tell the best story possible. You love rock ‘n’ roll more than you love your mother!

The writer Morten Jaeger is both a game designer and a musician. With this nostalgic, yet twisted take on rock mythology he offers the players a glance at life behind the curtain.

By: Morten Jaeger
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 5

Download the scenario here.