Beyond the Barricades

Idealism – Doubt – Choices

It is 1832 and the time for change is now. The riot is all around you. The people of Paris are rising up to fight by your side. You and your friends have finally made it. Onwards to the barricades. Long live the revolution!

Beyond the barricades is a theatrical and flamboyant three-act scenario about ten friends on a barricade in revolutionary Paris. We explore how idealism and friendship bring them together. How doubt and unfairness tear them apart. When everything comes to a head, each and every one have to consider whether their ideals are worth dying for, or if they choose to betray their beliefs as well as their friends to save themselves or someone they love.

Beyond the barricades is a cinematic scenario based on the actual historical events of the June Rebellion in Paris 1832. For the complete theatrical experience, the scenario provides some props and costumes as well music to set the mode.

By: Eva Wei & Rosalind Göthberg
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 10

Download the scenario in Swedish: Beyond the Barricades

Eva Wei is a Swedish IP-lawyer and larp designer. She has been involved in several larp productions including Once upon a time and Sigridsdotter and is currently chairing of the fantasy campaign Heart of War. She likes to write playful games with tight-knit relationships, strong emotions and political undertones.

Rosalind Göthberg have co-organized the larps Once upon a time and Sigridsdotter. She has a theatre background, performing in and producing plays with her own theatre society. She loves mixing larp and theatre, creating aesthetic, emotional larps with a strong story to tell.