War drama – humanity – Friendship
By: Signe Hertel (dk)
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 4


In the city Kobanî in northern Syria four young women join the Kurdish militia YPJ. The enemy will attack the area and the women wish to fight to defend it.

Even though they are different, war has joined them in a united front. Dreams of families, education and freedom to choose will have to be put aside to defend Kobanî. Not only do they now risk to lose comrades. In pushing the enemy towards the edge of town they risk sacrificing their own self-image as they watch their hometown and childhood memories turn to dust around them.

Kobanî is a classic war drama about people in war and the humanity you risk losing in the fight for freedom.

Download: Kobani


Signe is a long time larper who joined the Fastaval scene just a few years ago and has loved the form ever since. She works as an architect in her everyday life and Kobanî is her second Fastaval scenario.