Awkward — Feelgood — Dubbing
By: Frida Sofie Jansen and Tor Kjetil Edland (no)
Duration: 2 hours
Number of players: 4


The room was a little too warm. Any second now. He could hear how her moaning changed, softer now, and then, his turn; With a bellow he dropped into the most thunderous laugh he had ever mustered, just at the same second she turned into a high pitch scream.
“That’s a wrap, excellent guys!” I really believed in that orgasm scream!”

He finally dared to take his eyes of the screen, letting his eyes wander over to the other microphone. She was smiling at him. In a voice miles away from the one she had used just a minute ago she suddenly said:
“Impressive laugh! I’m Snow, nice to meet you!”

In this scenario the characters are all voice actors who meet for the first time as they arrive for a day of work dubbing a hentai movie soon to be released in their country. Throughout the game the story will switch between the dubbing scenes of the present, and flash forward scenes telling the story of the characters’ intertwined futures. This is a feel-good humorous scenario combining voice acting to a hentai move with the story of 4 strangers becoming friends and lovers. Many stories are about how people fail to communicate and connect with each other. This is the opposite.

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Frida Sofie Jansen and Tor Kjetil Edland are Norwegian larp designers and storytellers. Between them they have well over 30 years of larp experience both as players, designers and organizers ranging from larps to blackbox and freeform. They have been part of Oslo based projects like Laivfabrikken, Grenselandet, Larp Writer Summer School and Blackbox Deichman, and they have been part of organizing several Norwegian Knutepunkts.