The Nano-Games

A Nano-game is a short game of 1 hour. Below is some newly written scenarios, but also some old we have chosen to bring back. All these scenarion will be played Saturday 20-21 and you will be able to sign up to at the festival.

Inner monologues – crises – surface
Three friends have gathered at a cafe in a small university town. They talk about today’s topic of discussion: whether to reintroduce preparatory courses in philosophy at the country’s university. Under the surface, however, the conversation is about entirely different things. The three friends are in different kinds of crises in life. What happens beneath the surface is expressed by monologues representing their inner thoughts. The conversation keeps going.
By: Tobias Wrigstad & Per Wetterstrand
Duration: 1 h
Number of Players: 3
Gamemasters: 0

Down to the river
Friendship – Close-to-home – Storytelling
Down To the River (Ned till älven) is a low key scenario about close friendship through the different stages of life. It is a friendship where you are there for one another and dare to ask for help when life fails you. It is a friendship that changes over time, some for better and some for worse, but there will always be someone there to hold your back. During a summer night down by the river we’ll create and share this friendship. It will be a story worth telling.
By: Jonas Hörberg och Fredrik Åkerlind
Duration: 2 h
Number of Players: 3
Gamemasters: 1

Hug him and die
Love – Gay – Courage
You play Anders, a 14-year old, closeted gay youth, lying next to his best friend and biggest love, Marcus. You are on a camping trip, and share a tent. Anders woke up first, and is now watching the love of his life sleeping next to him. All of his body screams to embrace the other boy, but parts of his mind are stronger. But maybe this will be the day when Anders finally dares show his true feelings. Will he make the leap of faith? Or will he suppress his feelings yet again? From the anthology #stolt
By: Erland Nylund
Duration: 1 h
Number of Players: 3-6
Gamemasters: 0

My name is Harmony
Xylophones – Non-verbal – Rebirth
The gong sounded once. It was time. We all stood up, collected our instruments and placed ourselves, kneeling, in a circle. This was us. Five notes. Four deaths. One rebirth. My name is Harmony is a non-verbal scenario about exploring human communication and emotions through music. And yes, it’s all xylophones.
By: Alexandra Appleby Hjortswang & Gustav Edman
Duration: 1 h
Number of Players: 4-8
Gamemasters: 2

Now I feel closer to you
Non-verbal – Movement based – Creative
In this super short larp about the relationships between atoms you will collectively draw a picture of what connects you, use your body to make expressions of friendship, dance to pumping beats and talk to each other in a totally new language. At the end you will say, ‘I have no idea what that was about, but I feel closer to you‘.
By: Karolina Staël and Adam James
Duration: 1 h
Number of Players: 6-20
Gamemasters: 2