Symbolism – Embodied – Music
By: Lauri Lukka
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 8-16

In a remote country house, you hesitate. The esoteric new age self-development seminar is about to begin.

Promptly, however, the escalating ceremony leaves your ego behind. The spiritual pilgrims begin to hungrily explore the associative, symbolic, and synesthetic planes of remedy.

Whisper! Mumble! Cry out!

Far in the distance, the Mountain grows and growls. To find its heart, the pilgrims need to traverse surrealist scenes of avant-garde innovation. Gratefully, they are aided. The music of the world is their wind, their bodies are the wings.

Pace! Skip! Swirl!

Yet, the path is uncertain. Will the pilgrims ever find the Blackbird of the Ridge? The infinite emotional expression of self-dissolving unity? The moment that they could call the present?

Superrealism is an experimental game about looking for and finding. The game involves movement and embodied expression.

Download Superrealism by Lauri Lukka
Appendix – Superrealism characters

About the author
Lauri Lukka is a designer, a researcher, and a clinical psychologist. Since 2011, he has designed numerous scenarios including Prelude, The Desperate, Mikodine XA, and Forgiveness. He is particularly interested in crafting experimental scenarios that push the boundaries of the medium.

Lauri writes on the psychology of games and is currently working on his PhD on therapeutic digital games for mental health in Aalto University, Finland.