The Naked Truth

Friendship – Sauna – Feel-good
By: Arttu Hanska & Joonas Katko (fi)
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 4


Four men have gathered for a long-awaited sauna evening. Summer cottage, couple of beers, and old friends. They do not stay in touch as much as they would like, but the sauna evening is a tradition from the days of old. Back then they shared dreams and desires, but the years have taken their toll. Sitting in the steaming sauna, all of them are pondering: What can I tell the others? What will they think of me? And in the end, will they be there for me?

The scenario is about the difficulty of talking and opening up. In Finnish culture, sauna is something that removes social boundaries. It’s a place where everybody is equal. Rank, wealth, and seniority carry no weight there. Everybody is naked, both physically and mentally. You are not in a hurry. And in this place alone you can cast away the stoic shell that the society expects of Finnish men.

Player type: You enjoy internal dialogue and weighting every word. You like to take things slow and to give space for silence. You enjoy an understated slowly building feel-good atmosphere.

Download: The Naked Truth


Arttu and Joonas are experienced game masters, convention organizers, and active in the Finnish role-playing scene. They like to discover what aspects of the Finnish culture could be explored though freeform scenarios.