Never For Ever

Love – Growth – Evolution

In Never Forever we meet 4 people: Marcus, Agnes, Thomas and Olivia during three different stages of life. First when they form two couples, then when they plan a wedding and finally when they are about to enter retirement.

What happens to the relationship as the years go by? How do you keep something alive when dreams has to share space with reality? Is it even worth keeping alive?

The three different stages of life are protrayed by different players playing the same characters. The game aims to focus on more subtle themes and to find the drama in the small details of life. Never for ever offers the player to play close to home and to try a more fine tuned style of playing.

By: Kristoffer Lindh & Martin Rother-Schirren (swe)
Duration: 3 hours
Number of players: 12

Kristoffer Lindh & Martin Rother-Schirren are game designers and larpwrights that has designed several black box larps, for example The kick inside. They are both enthusiastic boardgamers which tends to show in their games being rather heavy on mechanics.