All That Togetherness (The Commune of Happiness)

All that togethernessConnection – Quirkiness – Laughs
By: Kajsa Greger, Moa Rönnåsen & Andreas Ekebacke
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 8-15

A monogamous couple move in to a polyamourous collective for a trial week to see if they fit in. We follow them and the current members of the collective for a week of love, conflict, loneliness, and connection.

The story is scene based and played out in the whole “house” simultaneously with rooms marked on the floor. A unique mechanic for how to end each scene invites creative solutions that usually render a warm and loving narrative.

About the authors
Moa, Andreas, and Kajsa have done larps and scenarios together and separately for 20 years. Patriarken (a film noir larp), Familjens hjärta (a story of a matriarchy inspired by Chekhov) and Just put some salt on it (a nano-larp for the anthology #Feminism) are some examples.