Scenarios 2018

Stockholm Scenario Festival is a festival with short free form role-playing games, short larps or any type of participatory storytelling — scenarios. We proudly present the line up of scenarios 2017.

Among Us
Poetic – Sensory – Angels
A lonely human being, an angel who chooses the mortal presence and an angel who continues to be the invisible guardian of mankind. A slow and thoughtful experience focussing on how beautiful, difficult and meaningful it is to be a human being. Read more.
By: Nina Runa Essendrop (dk)

Tragic drama – Resistance – Immersion
They took your watch, your shoes and your humanity. Will you resist, as your music leads countless to the gas chamber? Birkenau is a tale of four Jewish musicians and their struggle to survive the concentration camp. The story is inspired by grim reality and has no happy ending. Read more.
By: Jonas Sandberg Jensen (dk)

Decamerone – the road to salvation
Escape – Religious Oppression – The Handmaid’s tale
In a halfway apartment 11 people are escaping religions oppression in a newly founded Gilead. What happened before, how did they end up here and what did they have to do to survive? In a moral grey zone it’s hard to know what is right, and in the end it is defined by what is closest to our heart. Read more.
By: Anna-Karin Linder (swe)

Flowers on Swan Road
Identities – Racism – Marginalized youth
Flowers on Svanevej tells the story of three friends who go partying while the whole world happens around them. It is a game about fighting for the right to tell your own story. It is jumbled and confused. Just like life. Read more.
By: Jorgo Kapow (dk)

Dementia – Family – Bleed
Lise has dementia and disappears slowly from the world, while her family watches helplessly. The scenario follows Lise’s husband and three adult children during the last year before she is admitted to a nursing home, while the disease is steadily worsened and bit by bit rips their lives apart. Read more.
By: Klaus Meier Olsen (dk)

Here Is My Power Button
Intimacy – Power – Artificial intelligence
A story about how power informs identity in relationships, told through the lens of consumer artificial intelligence research. Half of players will play consumers, the other will play their personal AI, who begin play with no formal personality, deriving their identity from their interactions, and who stand to be reset if a consumer isn’t satisfied with how that personality emerges. Read more.
By: Brodie Atwater (us)

Teenagers – Friendship – Hobbyhorses
Three teenage girls are struggling with their insecurities, but they might be able to find strength, friendship and community though their quirky interest in hobbyhorsing. We’ll follow in the girls through a rough winter towards spring and a big hobbyhorsing competition. Read more.
By: Nynne Søs Rasmussen (dk)

Clowns – Poetic – Non-verbal
Innocence is a larp about a group of innocent clowns with big hearts and little sense who wake up in the empty circus ring and discover that the circus has left. It’s a physical scenario exploring friendship, immediacy, strong emotions and the value of things that make life hard. The larp uses gibberish as language. Read more.
By: Nina Runa Essendrop (dk)

Joan the Vampire Slayer
Teen drama – Comedy – Buffyverse
In a small town in the US of the 50s, Joan and her friends struggle with blood thirsty vampires. And life as teenagers. A drama comedy set in the Buffyverse. Read more.
By: Kristoffer Rudkjær and Mads L. Brynnum (dk)

War drama – humanity – Friendship
The female Kurdish freedom fighters will have to face their own lives as they push the enemy towards the edge of their hometown. Read more.
By: Signe Hertel (dk)

Lovestory – Chamber piece – Family
Midsummer tells the story of a man rising from the dead to return to his family. It is is an intense love story with a hint of horror. The scenario is about emotions, family relations, death, love, grief, jealousy and hope. Read more.
By: Mikkel Bækgaard (dk)

Mom, Dad & Sophie
Family – Divorce – Hard Choices
Sophie is about 12 years old and her parents are getting divorced. This is not a happy divorce. Her parents will pull her each in their own direction. A gamemasterless scenario for three players where you can win the divorce, but what have you sacrificed for it? Read more.
By: Stefan Skriver Lægteskov & Kristian Bach Petersen (dk)

Robin’s friends
Friendship — Mistakes — Death
About the beauty of friendship and the difficulty to communicate even if your intentions are good. What happens when your inability to see others suddenly leads to the realization that it’s too late? If you had the chance to do it again, how would you change it? Read more.
By: Anna Westerling (swe)

Awkward — Feelgood — Dubbing
Four people meet for the first time as they are getting to work dubbing a movie. A hentai movie. Sexcraft is a feel-good humorous scenario combining voice acting to a hentai move with the story of 4 strangers becoming friends and lovers. Read more.
By: Frida Sofie Jansen & Tor Kjetil Edland (no)

Nordic myth – Dance – Magic
In the scenario you play a night in the halls of the Mountain King, a night of seduction, ecstasy, memories, conflict and the fight to return back home, when dawn disturbs the magic of the underground. Read more.
By: Jeppe & Maria Bergmann Hamming (dk)

Physical – Abstract – Cultural differences
Physical methods, sign language and simple movement routines are used to create two cultures – and the feeling of belonging or not belonging to them. The larp aims to explore refugees trying to fit in, and the reactions among the people who they try to fit in amongst. Read more.
By: Nina Runa Essendrop (dk)

The Circle of Life – Premiere at Stockholm Scenario Festival 2016 
Comedy – Nostalgia – Power
The king is great. The citizens work. That is the way it is, always has been and always will be. A prince will take over and thus the circle of life will continue. But could there be another way? Could we make a change? Someone will make a try. Inspired by The Lion King we’ll tell the story from eyes of the the different animals in the community. We’ll explore transformation of power, responsibility and change in society. Read more.
By: Emelie Klanac & Sally Ståhl (swe)

The Naked Truth
Friendship – Sauna – Feel-good
The heat of sauna allows four men to open up about their emotions and vulnerabilities in this understated feel-good drama about Finnish masculinity. Read more.
By: Arttu Hanska & Joonas Katko (fi)

The Testimony – Premiere at Stockholm Scenario Festival 2015
Truth – Antisemitism – Genocide
When your neighbour becomes your enemy, your accuser or your executioner. When the perpetrators write the history and blame the others, the occupants or even the victims. What happens to the truth? Without it there is no real memory and what happened in Europe in 1941 must never be forgotten. Read more.
By: Susanne Gräslund & Anders Hultman (swe)

The South Will Rise Again
Stereotypes – Humanity – Zombies
A zombie scenario that explores sacrificing what it means to be human in order to survive. Set in the American south, including stereotypes, it is also about breaking out of those and freeing yourself from social structures. Read more.
By: Jon Back (swe)