Let the world burn

Love – Fundamentalism – Surrealism

Dear C,

She is gone. I don’t know where she is at. The emptiness gnaws at my insides like a cancer. I have to find her. You can’t stop me, so don’t try. Only this is certain: Everything is fluid now. Brother, you will never see me again.


P.E. has risked it all to find Q. Reality itself is at stake. The foundation of the world is slowly crumbling. The city smolders beneath his feet. His heart is at the breaking point.

“Let the World Burn” is the story of how a young man’s quest for love leads to the world’s destruction. In the game the players will build a world and slowly let love’s destructive powers bring it down. It is a poetic tale examining love within a strange but still recognizable present, where one person’s defiance ends up tipping the scales. The gap between the knowledge of the player and the knowledge of the character drives the immersion, because the Woman is not real but the characters will never realize that. The players will play P.E, the best friend O.D., the dead brother C., what is left of Love, and the creating power of Destruction. Genre: Dystopian love story

By: Peter Fallesen
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 5

Download the scenario here: Let the World Burn

Peter Fallesen’s view of the world is somewhat askew. He has made games for the last ten years, and tries to create peculiar worlds in the space between the abstract and everyday life. He takes his inspiration from authors like Leonard Cohen, Christina Hesselholdt, and Roberto Bolaño. In the outside world, he is finishing a doctorate in sociology. You can find his scenarios here.