Breakup – Physical – Introspective

The stages of grief that follow any breakup, can happen over the course of minutes or even seconds, across days, months or years – and then switch around, without warning, leaving you feeling without foundation, especially in the beginning. You feel alien to yourself and your body, or cut off from the world.

However, like any emotional amputation, continuing on in life means learning to live without that part of yourself, and finding ways to compensate for its loss.”

Wilt is a non-verbal larp about going through different phases after ending a romantic relationship. Every scene is introduced and instructed through a guided meditation, and includes different physical restrictions in which the two characters of the relationship in one way or another have to renegotiate the relation they have to each other.

During the larp, the players are mainly interacting with the person playing their partner, starting with the actual breakup and ending with the characters moving towards hope in the life to come. Wilt aims at creating an abstract, somewhat introspective atmosphere, in which the players individually create their own meaning.

By: Mads Jøns Frausig & Karete Jacobsen Meland (DK & NO)
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 14

Download the scenario here.

Karete has been larping for the past ten years, and now organizes and creates larps and conventions, in addition to working part-time for Alibier in Oslo. She’s also soon a licensed therapist, especially fond of the brain, our emotions and the fear of being abandoned.

Mads has been nordic larping the last ten years, mainly at Danish large scale larps and conventions. On the side he enjoys working with film and climbing.