The last adventure

Fantasy – Tragedy – Realism

When their violent, alcoholic parents have collapsed, the kids flee to an imaginary island. Here, they go on adventures with their invisible friend and overcome his nemesis time after time. Life on the imaginary island is carefree and full of pranks. But imagination and reality soon begin to merge and the children are forced to choose.

The players create the imaginary island. The family home is drawn with chalk lines from the beginning, and during the game, players draw the imaginary island on top. The imaginary island is both the children’s safe haven and the place they deal with daily life.

“The last adventure” is a moving and tragic story about the daily life of the lost kids.

The scenario is played semi-live. There are no breaks or meta talk and play is limited to the two settings within the chalk backdrop, but scenes are staged by a traditional game master.

By: Max Møller
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 4

Download the scenario in Danish here.