The Things in My Father’s House

The_Things_in_My_Fathers_House_bildSisterhood – Family drama – Memories
By: Ann Kristine Eriksen
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 3

It is still a childhood home – at least to them. In the otherwise well-trimmed suburban street, one house barely stands – ready to burst. It is overflown with things and rubbish and trash. Newspapers and old magazines are piled high to the ceiling. Ancient cans of food lie mixed in between family albums, lonely gloves, and sad looking second hand toys. Memories and garbage are indistinguishable. Their dad may be gone, but the things are still there.

The Things in My Father’s House is a low key drama about three sisters, cleaning out their late father’s house. A man who suffered from hoarding disorder throughout their childhood. The narrative shifts between the present, where sisters are getting their childhood home ready for sale, and the past, focusing on the good and bad memories of their early life in a chaotic home. The scenario is a quiet sit-down-experience, composed of mainly narrations, and in-character roleplay around a table.

The core of the scenario is the relationship between the three sisters and the drama is fueled by their disagreements, their traumas, and their very different approaches to things.

Download The_Things_in_My_Fathers_House by Ann Kristine Eriksen

Ann Kristine Eriksen is a Dane, currently living in Italy, designing larps and scenarios mostly for Fastaval and Cph Blackbox-festival. As a designer, Ann is very keen on telling the stories of real people, especially women, portraying their complicated and unpretty feelings. Sometimes her narratives are straight forward, and sometimes she gags out via physical metatechniques and weird metaphors. She is mostly known for the games We Were Wasps, I Don’t Like Mondays and Monet and the Moment. In her everyday life, Ann is working on obtaining a Ph.D. in art history.