Scenarios 2022

Stockholm Scenario Festival is a festival with short, free form role-playing games, short larps and other types of participatory storytelling — scenarios. Here you can get a sneak peek of all of our scenarios for 2022! If you want to know more about the scenarios and its authors, just click on Read more.

All That Togetherness (The Commune of Happiness)
Connection – Quirkiness – Laughs
By: Kajsa Greger, Moa Rönnåsen & Andreas Ekebacke

A monogamous couple move into a polyamorous collective for a trial week to see if they fit in. Read more.

Tragic drama – Resistance – Immersion
By: Jonas Sandberg Jensen
They took your watch, your shoes and your humanity. Will you resist, as your music leads countless to the gas chamber? Birkenau is a tale of four Jewish musicians and their struggle to survive the concentration camp. The story is inspired by grim reality and has no happy ending. Read more.

Blockbuster – 1 hour scenario
Fast – Repetition – Action Movie
By: Joel Östlund

Blockbuster is a high budget movie. You are an actor that have been selected from hundreds of applicants. The hole filmteam hope this movie is going to strike the world with amazement. You will get the opportunity to give your best to make that true! Read more.

Dancing with Myself – Premiere!
Conversation – Identity – Party

By: Evelina Teddy Karlsson
In Dancing with Myself one gets to play a person who meets themselves at a party. The game explores who we really are, who we want to be, and what one would say if one met oneself. It’s a surreal game of dancing and conversation among the crowd, loud music, and darkness of a party. Read more.

Euphoria – Premiere!
Gender – Performance – Joy
By: Josephine Baird, Sarah Lynne Bowman
& Kaya Toft Thejls
Euphoria is a nightclub that exists in its own pocket of reality. As you walk inside, the “real” world slips off like an ill-fitting overcoat unfastened, and landing in a heap on the passed threshold. Inside you find a venue of sparkling delights and above all diversity of being. Within the bounds of Euphoria you can explore, embody and express – perhaps in ways you couldn’t anywhere else… Read more.

Friends Who Larp – Premiere!
Drama – Rivalry – Repetition
By: Mo Holkar

Four friends agree to play a half-hour larp through four times, so each can try each of the characters. How will reiterating its emotional drama affect their own relationships, their trust, and their thoughts about each other? What are we doing when we larp – to ourselves, and to our co-players? Read more.

Interview With Some People Who Believe in Vampires – 1 hour scenario
Vampires – All variety of vampire shit – Journalism
By: Jason Morningstar

The Journalist interviews a Vampire and a Hunter of vampires. Each player has their own agenda. Where will the interview take them? Read more.

Lovestories by ABBA
Love – Music – Drama
By: Anna Westerling

A band during their last summer tour 1979. Five party nights tell the story of the band’s loves and lives with new meetings, endings and longing. The music of ABBA is used to express inner feelings – we’ll sing and dance out our emotions for maximum drama. It’s sing along – all can join no matter of vocal skills. Read more.

Mobiliserad – 1 hour scenario
Playful – Cyberpunk – Prototype
By: Gabriel Widing
An experimental 1 hour scenario for Saturday night. Who knows where it will take us? Read more.

Now I Feel Closer to You – 1 hour scenario
Non-Verbal – Movement based – Abstract
By: Karolina Staël & Adam James

This is a larp about the atoms present in a human body. In this larp, you will play as different clusters of atoms, working together to achieve love and happiness. After playing this scenario we anticipate you saying, “I didn’t know how or what we were doing, but now I feel closer to you.” Read more.

She’s not Me – Premiere!
Love – Jealousy – Meta techniques
By: Elli Garperian & Niklas Henningsson

A cute scenario about falling in love with someone new while being in a stable and loving relationship. Jealousy, meta techniques and tapping into the feelz. Read more.

Superrealism – Premiere!
Symbolism – Embodied – Music
By: Lauri Lukka
In a remote country house, you hesitate. The esoteric new age self-development seminar is about to begin. Promptly, the escalating ceremony leaves your ego behind. Together, you look for the mystical Mountain across curious, associative, symbolic, and synesthetic planes. Do the participants ever catch the Blackbird? Do they find the present? Read more.

The Arrangement – Premiere!
Family – Courtship – Expectations
By: Karolina Soltys

Two families with a complex past meet for a slightly awkward dinner, hoping that their somewhat maladjusted adult children will fall in love with each other and live happily ever after. Read more.

The Gaze of the Beast: A Dark Tale of Desire and the Longing to be Seen
Desire – Violence – Love
By: Karin Ryding

In this classical vampire story in three acts, an encounter will take place between the human and the beast. In short, the roleplay is about being caught by a hungry gaze, the courtship which follows, and the final violent resolution of the story. Read more.

The Parents – Premiere!
Parenting – Disability – Society
By: Sanne Harder

This scenario deals with parenting a child with a mental disability. It centers on challenges such as talking to health care professionals, dealing with friends who have difficulties understanding the situation, and trying to balance the need to protect the child with the parents’ own needs. It is a bittersweet scenario about when the dreams you had for the future do not pan out – and trying to make the best of it anyway. Read more.

The Vision – Premiere!
Faith – Memory – Growing up
By: Laura Wood

Follow four children who claim to have a vision of Mary and the way it changes the rest of their lives. The larp explores themes of faith, memory, and the enduring impact of childhood experience. It follows the characters over 40 years, and uses scene prompts to shape the story and explore the emotions of the characters. Read more.

Turing’s Question
Humanity – Definitions – Thought-Provoking
By: Frida Gamero, Johan Dahlberg & Sara Engström

In Turing’s Question a group of persons have applied to a prestigious institute. As the final part of the process, they are told there is an android among them. They are tasked with finding out who it is. Turing’s question is a game about what makes us human. Read more.

Progress – Feminism – Generations
By: Susanne Gräslund & Anders Hultman

In every generation, the fight for gender equality goes on. No matter what victories we build upon there is ever a new glass roof to break through, always another sexist, misogynist or patriarchy that needs to be challenged. You will play through 100 years of feminist progress and further into the future. Read more.

You Were Always on My Mind
Abusive – Relationship Heterosexuality – Emotional Intensity
By: Fia Idegård

Follow a love couple, a young man and woman, from their first meeting through years of physical and emotional abuse, all the way to the end. Read more.

Dreams – Evil – Responsibility
By: Henrik Dithmer

An intense narration-based roleplaying scenario, set in a techno-mystical future. Four theurges have journeyed to the mountain where the Shah’s ancient consciousness has been interred, in order to exorcise the evil spirit Angra from his dreams. It is about the nature of good and evil, responsibility, and the myths lurking in our subconscious. Read more.