Point of no return

Abortion – Choice – Consequences

Do you ever think “what if I had done that?”, and imagine how your life would have been different, if you made another choice? Even the small stuff matters. Which school you went to, if you got on that football team, if you made that phone call. Now imagine the biggest choice you’ll ever make, one that will impact every aspect of your life, forever. The time you think back to, the moments when you made that decision, is right now.

A young couple is sitting in a waiting room. In two hours, they will have an abortion. Unless they change their minds. No matter what they do, they will live with this decision. While they wait, they remember how they got here, and imagine what their lives will be like from now on. With or without a child.

And the clock is ticking. Whatever they have to say to each other they need to say now, because they are approaching the point of no return. Other themes will be family, dreams and expectations, becoming an adult, and gender roles. The game will be played in real time, but use techniques to play out memories from the past and possible futures.

By: Elin Gissén
Duration: 2 hours
Number of players: 2
Rising star 2013 – New scenario!

Download the scenario in Swedish here.