Down to the River

Down_the_River_bildFriendship – Close-to-home – Storytelling
By: Jonas Hörberg & Fredrik Åkerlind 
Duration: 3 hours
Number of players: 3

Down to the River (Ned till älven) is a low key scenario about close friendship through the different stages of life. It is a friendship where you are there for one another, and dare to ask for help when life fails you. It is a friendship that changes over time, some for better and some for worse, but there will always be someone there to have your back. During a summer night, down by the river, we’ll create and share this friendship. It will be a story worth telling.

Jonas Hörberg and Fredrik Åkerlind are members of Vi åker Jeep. They have been playing and writing scenarios for quite a while. This is kind of a comeback to the scenario writing scene after some long years in hibernation.