In your steps

Parenting — Values — Improvisation
By: Frida Lindegren (swe)
Duration: 1 hours
Number of players: 3


Everything’s packed away in moving boxes. They sit on the small bed, staring into nothing, waiting for the moving van. Soon the child’s going to leave and live it’s own life, but not quite yet. The parent still has time with the child, to teach the right things, to ask the right questions, to do better than it’s own parents. It’s a ritual that span over generations, but every time is different.

This scenario is quite simple in it’s structure. A child and a parent in an empty bedroom, waiting for the moving van. When the child leaves the room, it will tell a short story of how it too grew up and had children. The roles will switch and the scene will repeat, but just a bit different. Because whatever the child learned about parenting may be just a bit altered, because free will and life happens.

The game relies heavy on improvisation and a will to collectively explore the theme. The game is also quite flexible: the mood, the playing style, the game master style, the length and intensity of the game all depends on the wishes of the player group and game master.

Download In your steps.


Frida Lindegren is a psychology student, larp lecturer, experienced gamemaster and game designer of among many things Restriction in the #Feminist anthology.