Emotions – Therapy – Psychodrama

We all had issues with it. Whether it came from our parents, society or just who we are, we now have the tools. In here we’ll know what it feels like. The Emotions. The Sorrow. The Joy. Empathy is something we never fully grasped, something we never knew how felt.

Set in a group struggling with alexithymia, XY deals with the inability to express emotions, be to empathetic and to understand oneself and the other. Together the group will learn how to become fully equipped human beings with a full range of emotions. The question is, will you leave the room the same?

By: Frederik Berg (dk/swe)
Duration: 3 hour
Number of players: 4-8

Premiere at Stockholm Scenario Festival 2016.

Download the scenario here.

Always exploring new territory in larp, Frederik is currently working on the intersection between therapy and larp, while still retaining the unique tools and techniques from the latter. Frederik Berg has previously designed games such as Flesh (2016), I love Ana (2014), Previous Occupants (2010), and Fat Man Down (2009). Frederik currently works as a sentient machine therapist.