Turing’s Question

Turing's_QuestionHumanity – Definitions – Thought-Provoking
By: Frida Gamero, Johan Dahlberg & Sara Engström
Duration: 4 hours

Number of players: 3-14

The recruitment process to the prestigious Svanström Institute is an arduous one. Only the very best in their field, regardless of whether it is art, anthropology or mathematics, are accepted. Those that do get in can expect a great salary, creative freedom, and the resources that they need to make the next big break-through.

The applications have reached the final stage of the process, and they are faced with a dilemma. As part of one of the many mind-blowing projects at the institute, an android has been made that is practically impossible to distinguish from a human. That android is one of the candidates – they are tasked with finding out how.

Before play starts, the players will get to create characters from prompts. The game is played in three acts, and at the end of each the characters will vote on who is the android and motivate why. It is a rather slow and reflective game.

Turing’s Question is a game about what makes us human. What separates us from the machine? And why?

Download Turings_Question (in Swedish) by Frida Gamero, Johan Dahlberg & Sara Engström

About the authors
Frida Gamero is a veteran larp writer. She has a wide variety of games on her conscience. As varied as Last Will (dealing with modern slavery) and Rosamundas Testamente (dealing with hobbits). She enjoys a good cup of tea.

Johan Dahlberg is a larp writer who has written epic fantasy campaigns spanning across multiple years, and blackbox games that run for a few hours. He prefers coffee.

Sara Engström is an award-winning novelist, and a larp writer. She is into stories dealing with the darker sides of the human character. Sara thinks tea is ok, but is much more interested in the cake that should go with it.