Do Us Part

Relationships – Arguing – Dreams
A Larp about relationships, crushed dreams and the constraints in a patriarchal society. You play one of several couples, all part of a Church fellowship, through seven set scenes from their early married days to the time when one or both of them wants a divorce, despite the stigma that would follow.

The couples live under traditional gender roles similar to the 50’s, the men work to make a living for themselves and their stay at home wives. However, the scenario is set in modern time. The characters gender do not have to match the player’s gender.

There will be a workshop in the art of holding an argument alive during a larp, touching on some classic Master Suppression Techniques. The arguments will also be one of the main themes throughout the game; the strain a never ending fight puts on a relationship. We let the couples explore the weaknesses in clichés such as “love conquer all”, “love is all you need” etc in this play to lose game.

By: Annica Strand with workshop design by Elli Garperian (swe)
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 10-14

Download the scenario here.

Annica Strand is an organiser and designer of Last Will, Next Stop: Kymlinge, Debt & Deliverance and Understockholm – Den Flytande Marknanden. Annica works as a mobile game producer at Rovio Stockholm and likes playing games of all kinds, dancing, various handicraft and cooking for friends.

Elli Garperian is a gamemaster who often work with creating and applying meta-techniques – and making people cry about their character’s fate. She has worked with designing blackbox and meta at larps such as Coven, Hinterland and the Monitor Celestra. Her spare time is spent with larps and games, various handicrafts and feminism.