You Were Always On My Mind

Abusive relationship – Heterosexuality – Emotional intensity
By: Fia Idegård
Duration: 3 hours
Number of players: 2

This scenario is about a typical couple in love. We get to follow a young man and woman from their first meeting and through the first phase of love and seduction. But the relationship develops into an abusive one, both physical and emotional. Through the different scenes we see the gloomy path of normalisation in a destructive relationship, all the way to the end. This scenario is played with only two players and a game master, and will include both physical and emotional nearness.

Download: You Were Always On My Mind

Fia is a librarian in everyday life and loves to larp mostly because of the emotional immersion and connecting with other people. She has previously translated the script of Condemned by Alfhild Agrell for “A nice Evening with the Family” 2018. She loves playing historical games, and all the things surrounding it, like doing research and writing stuff.