The Gaze of the Beast: A dark tale of desire and the longing to be seen

The_Gaze_of_the_BeastDesire – Violence – Love
By: Karin Ryding
Duration: 3 hours
Number of players: 4 and upwards; even numbers

In this classical vampire story, an encounter will take place between the human and the beast. This will however take many different forms. Some will encounter the dark creature as non-human coldness, refined and elegant, yet deadly as a machine that operates without compassion. Others will meet it as a gruesome animal with untamed and violent desires. Yet again, everything can be transformed by love… In short, the roleplay is about being caught by a hungry gaze, the courtship which follows and the final violent resolution of the story. At its core, it is about wildness, flesh and the mechanisms of desire, violence, submission and resistance.

Participants play in pairs; one as the vampire and the other as the prospective victim. In this way, several versions of the story will take place simultaneously. For each version of this dark tale, the beast will be manifested differently, and the victim might not be a victim at all. It is in many ways a very physical game; however, the level of touch will be up to the players to decide. During the game, there will be a voice-over guiding the players and giving instructions.

Before the game, players will do physical exercises, as well as prepare the characters they wish to play. This includes deciding on what kind of vampire they want to explore (from the gentleman to the beast) as well as the characteristics of the so-called “victim”.

The roleplay is played in three acts: 1) The Gaze, 2) The Encounter, and 3) The Resolution. Each act will take approximately 20 min. In between the acts, some other activities will also take place.

Red light is used to indicate when an act is coming to an end and an intensification of the scene should take place. Light, music and sounds are also used to enhance the game.

Download The_Gaze_of_the_Beast by Karin Ryding

About the author
Karin is a researcher and game designer who has been active in the larp community since 2012. She debuted as a scenario writer with a play called “In your hands” in 2013, which was played at numerous festivals around Europe. This is her second scenario, originally created for the Blackbox CPH festival in 2021.