Music – Art – Emotion

Twelve people in a café on Montmartre at the end of the 19th century – all entangled in issues of love, beauty, freedom and truth. Day after day they live out these issues through their art, trying desperately to break free or to find that one true love. Day after day goes past, and for each day another passed chance.

But tomorrow… tomorrow will be different…

Together we will create these 12 fates and live them out through the use of body, emotion, music and art rather than talking about it. We play with our bodies rather than our heads.

The scenario provides props and costumes needed for the scenario, but the player needs to bring a basic black set of clothes to wear.

By: Jeppe Bergmann Hamming and Maria Bergmann Hamming
Duration: 6 hours
Number of players: 12

Download the scenario here!

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