Son of Israel

World war II – Jewish – Morals
By: Sanne Harder (dk)
Duration: 4-6 hours
Number of players: 4


A 17-year-old boy sits in a bunker near the little fishing village Courseulles-sur-Mer.

His teeth are chattering because he knows something is happening. Contact to the other bunkers along Hitler’s so-called Atlantic Wall went silent a few hours ago, but the noise from the bombardments outside makes it clear what is going on: The Allies are attacking.

Hidden somewhere inside the bunker is another kid, barely much older, but already a war veteran. He is the one who sabotaged the communication lines. He is an agent for the enemy.

He is my father.

My father was born in Berlin in 1923, and he is Jewish. This is the story of his life.

It is a wild ride through the 20th century. A ride that will take you across Europe, to Palestine and back again – through war, violence, and vengeance.

Even though there is only one main character in this story, there will be two players portraying him: A hero and a villain. The other two players will portray the supporting cast.

When was my father the just avenger? And when was he the hateful villain? That is up to the players to decide. It is you who must tread the path between good and evil. A path that becomes very narrow when war is raging.

The scenario is meant to be played semi-live on a stage which has been marked off on the floor. Please note that pushing and shoving is a part of the game mechanics.

Be prepared for a lot of reading material.

Sanne is a game designer and scenario writer. She has been an active part of the Danish roleplaying scene for the last 20-something years. She runs a games company in Copenhagen called Copenhagen Game Lab, where she makes educational games.