Scenarios 2017

Stockholm Scenario Festival is a festival with short free form role-playing games, short larps or any type of participatory storytelling — scenarios. We proudly present the line up of scenarios 2017.

183 Days
Love – Clairvoyance – Fate
An adaption of Charlie Jane Anders’ award winning story, the game tells the story of one relationship between the only two clairvoyants in the world. Tomorrow, they go on a date, even if they know the end. With a special deck of cards and no gamemaster the game explores the tension between love and fear, destiny and free will. Read more.
By: Sara Williamson and James Stuart (us)

Athena’s Chosen 
Empowerment — Lust — Faith
This night, in the temple’s holiest of holy, you will walk with gods. Athena will inspire and test you; Dionysos tempt you. Will you have the faith to reject family, love and desire to gain the power of a Virgin Priestess? Or fall and leave with the wild maenads? Or flee back to your father’s house? Read more.
By: Susanne Vejdemo & Anna-Karin Linder (swe)

Dance the Macabray
Death — Dance — Relationships
The dead are leaving their graveyard to dance with the living, one last time. The scenario is about the struggle to leave people you love, the sorrow in being left, the unfinished which chafes and the magical chance to meet again. Through dance we pass through sorrow and grief, in search of what is needed to move on, out in life or into the great beyond. Read more.
By: Sofia Stenler & Frida Lindegren (swe)

Music – Love – Madness
Set in the romantic era Deranged is played out through the landmark events of the 19th century composers Clara Wiecks’, Robert Schumann’s, Felix Mendelssohn’s, and Johannes Brahms’ closely interwoven lives — filled with love, madness, and brilliance. The scenario is structured as a piece of chamber music with scenes as the score and classical music to create an uninterrupted style of play to engulf and seduce you. Read more.
By: Maria & Jeppe Bergmann Hamming (dk)

First they came
Guilt — Egoism —Opposition — Complicity
Players will step into the shoes of three opponents of the Third Reich, experimenting with paranoia and persecutions. By reliving the character’s trials, they will have a chance to understand how they came to their predicament. What mistakes did they condone to save themselves? Were they part of the problem, as well? Read more.
By: Alessandro Giovannucci & Andrea Giovannucci (it)

House of Craving
Erotic — Psychological — Horror
Psychological horror about a family that moves into a beautiful art deco mansion, down by a lake. There is a sinister turn of events, when the house begins to use the family to live out its perverted fantasies. Read more.
By: Tor Kjetil Edland (no) and Danny Wilson (dk)

Intense – Shakespeare – Rhyme
With Shakespeare’s text as a starting point we create a story about the destruction that follows when ambition goes beyond moral constraints. Macbeth on his way to murder King Duncan: Is this a dagger which I see before me, The handle toward my hand?
Read more.
By: Joel Grimm & Elsa Helin (swe)

Nebido – Give life a chance
Institution — Surrogate fathers — Sacrifice
In the year 2020, men are no longer fertile. Men can sign up with the powerful baby industry and with potent medication start produce viable sperm. You will play a group of men that choose to be contracted with Nebido to produce a large amount of child developing sperm during a period of one year. Read more.
By: Caroline Sjövall (swe)

Opera Buffa!
Singing — Tragicomic — Absurdity
An improvised opera! Complete with accidental marriages, jealous ghosts, and a deceitful goat. Players will be conniving vocalists with careers to save, and will sing like they were destined for the stage. You must sing big, but you need not sing well!  Read more.
By: Tayler Stokes (us)

Play the Cards
Teenagers — Status — Party
You’re in high school; you know who you are, what your social position is and most importantly, who you want to be. This is your first real house party. No parents. It’s the important party where everyone shows up and anything might happen. Read more.
By: Frida Sofie Jansen, Tyra Larsdatter Grasmo & Trine Lise Lindahl (no)

Pretty boys
Gender roles — Power — Family
The story revolves around three families in a matriarchy, their everyday life and how gender affects their interactions and their choices. We follow parents and teenagers during a day and see how much they are willing to call “normal”. Read more.
By: Lukas Renklint (swe)

Robin’s friends
Friendship — Mistakes — Death
About the beauty of friendship and the difficulty to communicate even if your intentions are good. What happens when your inability to see others suddenly leads to the realization that it’s too late? If you had the chance to do it again, how would you change it? Read more.
By: Anna Westerling (swe)

Love — Oppression — Survival
1933: Berlin, Germany. As the Nazi party rises to power lines are drawn in the sand to separate who is German and who is not. This line runs straight through families where Jewish men are bound in love and marriage to Aryan women. We follow four couples over the next ten years of racial policies, restrictions and pogroms that will strip away liberty, security and dignity. Finally they men are seized for deportation, and the women will have one last chance to keep them alive. They must stand up and defy the Third Reich. In the very heart of darkness, is such resistance even possible? Read more.
By: Moyra Turkington & Jessica Hammer (ca)

Awkward — Feelgood — Dubbing
Four people meet for the first time as they are getting to work dubbing a movie. A hentai movie. Sexcraft is a feel-good humorous scenario combining voice acting to a hentai move with the story of 4 strangers becoming friends and lovers. Read more.
By: Frida Sofie Jansen & Tor Kjetil Edland (no)

Son of Israel
World war II – Jewish – Morals
A personal tale that immerses you in the dramatic history of Europe as experienced by the writer’s father. From bullying in Nazi Germany, through freedom fighter in Israel, to the horrors of D-day. Ultimately the scenario asks the question: What is a hero and what is a villain? Read more.
By: Sanne Harder (dk)

The Home Owner’s Association
Drama — Intrigue — Comedy
The four board members known as I, One, You and We, are desperately trying to impose their will on the board meetings, while privately struggling with personal issues of sorrow, anxiety and loss. The four characters are caught in their specific manner of expression, body language and phrasing. Read more.
By: Marie Skouenborg (dk)

The Last Movie
Movie — Text-messages — Tragic Love
A classic story of two pairs of lovers that are about to separate. The setting is a resistance movement. While watching a movie they communicate secretly by glances, body language and text messages. Emotional and experimental. If possible, please bring a phone. Read more.
By: Simon Larsson & Björn Thalén (swe)

Trans Dysphoria Blues
Emotions — Identity — Dysphoria
Trans dysphoria blues is a scenario for cisgenders in four acts about five transgenders in a support group. When they start their psychological examination they all have different view of identity and politics, but all in search of support and community from each other. About the dysphoria for not being accepted. Read more.
By: Samuel Sjöberg (swe)

Progress — Feminism — Generations
In every generation the fight for gender equality goes on. No matter what victories we build upon there is ever a new glass roof to break through, always another sexist, misogynist or patriarchy that needs to be challenged. You will play through 100 years of feminist progress and further into the future. Read more.
By: Susanne Gräslund & Anders Hultman (swe)

You want it darker
Cohen — Memories — Death
A largely wordless scenario about memories and emotions close to death. Inspired by the songs on Leonard Cohen’s final album You Want it Darker, players co-create the significant life moments of a single person. Accompanied by the album songs these scenes are played over and over again, with less and less detail, until the emotions are laid bare. Read more.
By: Annika Waern (swe)