Welcome to the Stockholm Scenario Festival!

A festival for free form role playing games, short larps, and other kinds of shorter participatory storytelling. During one weekend we play, socialise, have fun, and improvise stories together. From seasoned larpers to complete beginners – the festival is open for everyone. Come as you are, and get to try on several different lives during one weekend.

When you sign up, you choose which scenarios you want to play, and then receive a personalised schedule about two weeks before the event. The scenarios are a mixture of existing scenarios thoroughly chosen by our scenario team, and new scenarios, that anyone can contribute with.

The scenarios are between 2-4 hours, and in between there are meals that are included in the event. There’s also a café/bar where you can hang out. Saturday evening there will be a party.

The festival will take place Nov 17th-Nov 19th 2023. Sign up will open August 31th. Join our event on Facebook to learn more about the festival.