Tango nights

Tango – jealousy – cold war

The scenario revolves around three themes: tango, love and the cold war, set in a small banana republic around a tango competition. No dancing will be necessary, but rather the scenario strives to capture the magic of dancing, the heat and the competition.

On the surface everyone are just participants of a tango competition, beneath the surface there are flirts, infidelity and passion. This is also a story of a bunch of unhappy actors. All are in love even though they should know better. They are all “Mad about the boy” in some sense.

In the background, the cold war rumbles and it will inevitably effect the lives of everybody, whether they want it or not. A Soviet scientist who wants to defect has found his way onto the island. Intrigues are made. Someone could end up dead in a deserted alley.

Rollspelsbaren (The roleplay bar) is a Swedish gamemaster collective that mostly focuses on creating scenarios without a gamemaster. This is the first in their suite of gamemasterfree murder mysteries.

By: Gunnar Söderberg
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 5

Download the scenario in Swedish here.

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