Democratize – the Chilean Example

Politics – Negotiations – Chile
By: Truls Nilsson & Amanda Valentin
Duration: 2 hours
Numbers: 5-30

The scenario is based on a true story – the democratization of Chile. And more specifically the referendum and the election that took place in 1988 and 1990. The characters represent different interest groups in the Chilean society at the time.

How was the political landscape in Chile at the time? How much are you prepared to compromise? When can you trust your political adversary? Can you cooperate with people you can’t forgive?

This game takes you back to 1988, the hope, the fear, the optimists and the pessimists. What would you do?

Download Democratize_in_Swedish by Truls Nilsson & Amanda Valentin.

This game was developed when we worked together with international cooperation in the field of democracy support. During our career we have had a specific interest in election observation and freedom of speech. This is the first time we write a scenario.