183 Days

Love – Clairvoyance – Fate
By: Sara Williamson and James Stuart
Duration: 2 hours
Number of players: 2

Sam can see the future. Dylan can see many possible futures. Tomorrow, they go on a date. When the two of them intersect, can their relationship end in anything but tragedy, or is there more than one way life can turn out?

In 183 Days, you and a partner will play out the relationship between Sam and Dylan, the only two clairvoyants in the world.It is a game about the tension between love and fear, and destiny and free will.

It uses a special deck of cards and no GM.

You should play 183 Days if you enjoy inhabiting a character, continuous play, relationship drama, the art of conversation, emotional vulnerability, and building a relationship up only to tear it down.

183 Days is an adaption of Charlie Jane Anders award winning story called Six Months, Three Days.

Sara Williamson and James Stuart are both active in the american indie game scene. Sara Williamson has released two games, Shelter, published in the Indie Mixtape, and Group Date, which was a winner in the Golden Cobra freeform competition. James Stuart runs Story Games and Different Play.