Four Strangers

FourStrangers_bildConversations – Choices – Conflict
By: Anneli Albertsson
Duration: 1 hour
Number of players: 4

Four strangers enter a train, each with their own goals, difficulties and fears. They all expect to journey in solitude, each focused on the important event that awaits each of them. But as they are cut off from the outside world, they are forced into conversation with each other.

As conflicts arise, and new perspectives are revealed, will they stay true to their original goal, or will the journey change them? As they get closer to their destination, the stakes are raised and each will be forced to make a choice. Who am I going to be?

This scenario explores how we are all the protagonist of our own story, while we are the side character in the stories of the people around us.

Download Four_Strangers by Anneli Albertsson
Download Four Strangers (in Swedish)

Anneli Albertsson spent most of her free time in the 90’s enjoying the emerging LARP scene in Sweden, mainly at fantasy LARPs such as Skymningstjärnen, Grådager, Högting and Sången om Mykene. After a long hiatus, Anneli discovered Stockholm Scenario Festival and the possibilities of the scenario format a few years ago. Anneli works as a communications manager, and this is the first scenario she has written.