Lovestories by ABBA

Lovestories_by_AbbaLove – Music – Drama
By: Anna Westerling
Duration: 4 hours

Numbers of players: 5 roles times unlimited

A band during their last summer tour in the late 70ies. It’s love, drama, music, party, and the last days of the disco. By playing five party nights, we will tell the story of the band’s love and lives with new meetings, endings and the longing for something more.

We’ll sing and dance out our emotions for maximum drama, and the music of ABBA is used to express the character’s inner feelings. It’s a sing along, not karaoke – so all can join no matter of vocal skills.

About the author
Anna Westerling is a game designer who has designed games such as A Nice Evening with the Family, Love and War, Robin’s Friends, Summer Lovin’ and Fortune & Felicity etc. She has produced events such as Stockholm Scenario Festival 2013-2021, Knutpunkt twice as well as edited books such as the Nordic larp book. She works as a freelance project manager within the games and culture sector.