When Friendship Happens

Friendship — Repetition — Emotional
By: Gustav Nilsson and Joel Östlund (swe)
Duration: 1 hours
Number of players: 2-30


With this scenario we want to explore the fragile moments when friendship happens. You will play two close friends together in the same pair for the whole scenario. It will be an emotional but not a romantic or sexual relationship. To the extent that we will use physical touch, it will be purely platonic. During this scenario you will play only one scene, but you will play it many times. Between each scene you will get to briefly reflect upon what you did during the scene that brought you closer together. Hopefully you will get better and better at finding the fragile moments when friendship happens.

Download When Friendship Happen.


Joel Östlund is a Swedish psychologist, actor and larp designer. To him, larp is a way of exploring new ways of telling a story together. He has previously written scenarios such as Mulholland Lajv, Silent Screams and Macbeth.

Gustav Nilsson is a Swedish psychologist and larp designer and community builder. He has previously designed scenarios such as Shards and Regression. He has also produced the events Blackbox Malmö, Knutpunkt ’14 and A Love Piece.