My sister, Malala

Internet – Girls – Freedom

This scenario is about girls in Pakistan and their possibilities to exchange thoughts and ideas freely. It is about empowerment, on-line harassment and human rights. The scenario poses questions about who has access to Internet and who has not.

The characters in the scenario are made up, but the situations and the relations in the scenes are real.
My sister, Malala consists of three scenes and three conversations on Facebook. There are three main characters and several supporting characters. It is meant to be played without a game master.

Created as a part of the #Feminism anthology.

By: Elsa Helin (swe)
Duration: 1 hour
Number of players: 3

Download the scenario here.

Elsa Helin is a reporter and political scientist and who are devoted to human rights. She is a larper since 1995 and has a particular interest for adapting traditional dramatic text to the larp scene, and has done so earlier in for example MacBeth.