Scenarios 2013

In order to start a new tradition for playing scenarios we have selected 22 great scenarios for you to play, game master and inspired by. We also have 6 new scenarios specially written for the festival, the rising stars.

The scenarios are selected to create a wide variety of themes with different expressions and game mechanics. We want a clear premise and a tight narrative that are key ingredients to creating great experiences.

The scenarios are all written down, re-playable and playable without the writers present. There should be no preparations for the participants and all props (if any) shall be provided by the organizers. As a participant you should just get the good stuff; to play and have a great experience.

All a facade – New!
Facades – Internal conflicts – Fitting in
In three different scenes we meet the same couples who all carry their own secrets within. For each scene they all come closer to revealing their true selves instead of the facade they usually display. Everything centers around the characters’ inner struggle between the facade and their “true selves”. Read more.
By: Simon Larsson

Changing friends – New!
Friendship – change –family
A tale about the shifting friendships between a few girls in a small Swedish town just on the brink of adulthood. As they do, they must choose friends, roles, who they want to be, or have to be. And face the consequences. The focus of the story moves between the girls and their situations, and invites us to explore many different perspectives and social situations from the inside. Read more.
By: Patrik Bálint

Fidelity – Choice – Temptation
Doubt is a true story about daring to love, daring to let go, and daring to move on. About the difference between who you are, who you portray, and who you want to be. Doubt is a game created by you, from your own experiences and thoughts on fidelity, love and temptation. What happens in Skarpnäck, stays in Skarpnäck. Read more.
By: Tobias Wrigstad and Fredrik Åkerlind

End of The World
Poetic – Character Development – Symbolic
A slow, dreaming and symbolic story about three people at the edge of the world. It is the boy who lost his father, the abandoned woman with a child and the old man who nobody listens to anymore. They all try to find themselves in a world that is inevitably coming to an end. Read more.
By: Nina Runa Essendrop

Bleak – Surreal – Loneliness
Exile is all about loneliness and darkness. It is the game for you if you like a ponderous, peculiar and deliberate style and will not mind playing a concept, a shadow or a cat. Read more.
By: Asbjørn Olsen

Happy Ends
Play up the positive
Happy Ends wants to make you happy. It wants you to understand that there is power in the good stuff, not just in trying to be that one that’s most worse off. Let’s explore the delicacy and intimacy of happiness together. Read more.
By: Tobias Wrigstad

In your hands – New!
Body – oppression – friendship
Your body is a temple”, says the bible. The big question is what happens to us when we no longer possess the control of our own bodies. This is a game about losing control, about oppression, about fighting back and about the bittersweet yearning for freedom. Read more.
By: Karin Ryding

Grownups – Joke Culture – Bullying
Joakim is a game about a person, his name is Joakim. Every year the class of the prestigious theatre school meet to eat and reconnect. They have their own jokes, their own way to speak, and they have Joakim, their clown and punching bag. But this year, Joakim isn’t here. And everybody knows it’s because of what the group did last year. But nobody wants to talk about it. And nobody wants to be the new Joakim. Read more.
By: Anna-Karin Linder

Mulholland Larp
Meta – Dreams – Love
A fast paced game inspired by the movie director David Lynch. We use music, light and meta techniques to construct a story like no other. The game is divided into scenes and we travel from despair to hope, from love to hate, and back again. What is the difference between the winner and the loser, and what happens if we turn it all around? Read more.
By: Joel Östlund

Play the cards
Teenagers – Hierarchy – Awkwardness
A game about being a teenager. About fitting in. About knowing your place in the hierarchy.  You’re in high school, you know who you are, what your position is, and most importantly; who you want to be. Bring every ounce of angst, happiness and hormones from when you where 15 into a teenager of today. Read more.
By: Tyra Grasmo, Katrin Førde, Trine Lise Lindahl and Frida Sofie Jansen

Point of no return – New!
Abortion – Choice – Consequences
A young couple in a waiting room. In two hours, they will have an abortion. Unless they change their minds. No matter what they do, they will live with this decision. While they wait, they remember how they got here, and imagine what their lives will be like from now on. With or without a child. Read more.
By: Elin Gissén

Previous Occupants
Jealousy – Desire – Possessions
Previous Occupants is a horror scenario about jealousy, trust and desire in two acts. It takes place in a modern day setting, with two parallel stories set in two different times. At some point in the story the two merge, as the past invades the present. Read more.
By: Frederik Berg and Tobias Wrigstad

Alcoholism – tragedy – realistic drama
Relapse depicts a family in the shadow of alcoholism. They don’t talk about it, it’s just a part of everyday life. They cover it up, to friends, each other and themselves. Scenes of shame, guilt and pity based on authentic accounts full of knowing looks and startling, violent outbursts of anger. Read more.
By: Max Møller

Robin’s friends
Friendship – Mistakes – Death
About the beauty of friendship and the difficulty to communicate even if your intentions are good. What happens when your inability to see others suddenly leads to the realization that it’s too late? If you had the chance to do it again, how would you change it? Read more.
By: Anna Westerling

Music – Art – Emotion
12 persons in a café on Montmartre at the end of the 19th century – entangled in issues of love, beauty, freedom and truth. Day after day they live out these issues through their art, trying desperately to break free or to find that one true love. Day after day goes past, and for each day another passed chance. Together we will create these 12 fates and live them out through the use of body, emotion, music and art rather then talking about it. Read more.
By: Jeppe Bergmann Hamming and Maria Bergmann Hamming

Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll
Comedy – Music Business – Drugs
An upcoming rock band experiments with a chemical drug that removes mental blockings and unleashes creativity. A hopeless promo tour turns into a triumphal while the drug’s side effects opens mental gates to escalating insanity. Read more.
By: Morten Jaeger

Therapy – Internal Conflicts – Multiple Personality Disorder
In a clinic treating personality disorders, four patients are all haunted by their troubled past. During a few intense hours the eight players try to capture the damaging struggle between personalities. This is a scenario about accepting or rejecting conflicting parts of ourselves. Read more.
By: Gustav Nilsson and Staffan Fladvad

Stereo hearts
Experimentation – Communication – Music
Five unfinished characters are trapped in fragments of fiction. They now get the chance to tell and finish their stories with the help of music. As players, you will only communicate through the music from your playlists, and express your characters through body language and monologues. Read more.
By: Maria Ljung and Helene Willer Piironen

Summer Lovin’
Sex – Awkwardness – Rock ‘n’ Roll
Three girls, three guys and the stories about who did what and with whom during a big summer music festival. We will get the story as told by the girls, as told by the guys and then finally played out as it really happened. It’s summer lovin’ and tell me more. Read more.
By: Trine Lise Lindahl, Elin Nilsen, Anna Westerling

Tango Nights
Tango- Jealousy – cold war
In the heat of the night, in a small banana republic, the tango competition is on everyone’s tongues. Underneath the surface lurks flirtation, infidelity and passion. Everybody is in love, even though they should know better than that. The cold war rumbles in the background and a soviet researcher looking to defect suddenly joins the scene. Intrigues abound. Someone could well end up dead in a deserted alley. Read more.
By: Gunnar Söderberg

The Curse
Cancer – Relationships – Uncertainty
Would you cut out healthy body parts if you thought it might save your life? Two women burdened with a family history of cancer and the men who love them face this decision after discovering they carry genetic mutations that dramatically up their chances of developing breast and ovarian cancer. What would you do? Read more.
By: Lizzie Stark

The day before yesterday – New!
Retrospective – Pictures – Storytelling
After death people go to a place outside of life. There they meet friends who help them remember what their life was like, what kind of story it was. Players use pictures as inspiration to create scenes from different life stories. Together they extract the story from each life. Read more.
By: Kajsa Greger

The Family
Family – Tragedy – Suicide
The Family is the story of a family that falls apart. Would you destroy your family to be happy? Would you live an unhappy life for your family’s sake? Read more.
By: Max Møller

The Journey
Post-apocalyptic – scene-based  – Jeepform
Enter into an ominous post-apocalyptic world where you enter a journey to find hope and the Turning Point. A journey that with each step takes you further away from your goal and from who you once were. Scene-based scenario offering slow-paced, uneasy and intense gaming. Shall we dance? Read more.
By: Fredrik Åkerlind

The Kick Inside
Identity – Choices – Acceptance
The Kick Inside is a scenario about different stages in life and how we cope with changes. We get to meet four people and follow them through three different stages in life. Three parallel, separate stories, each running through four acts. All stories take place in cabins that are curiously alike. Read more.
By: Martin Rother-Schirren and Kristoffer Lindh

The last adventure
Fantasy – Tragedy – Realism
A moving and tragic story about the daily life of the lost kids. When their violent, alcoholic parents collapse the kids flee to an imaginary island. They go on adventures with their invisible friend and overcome his Nemesis. But imagination and reality collide and the kids are forced to choose. Read more.
By: Max Møller

The One that Got Away – New!
Silence – Family – Death
A father and his adult son in a fishing boat. The only things on their minds – apart from the fish – are the things they cannot bring themselves to say to each other. But someday there will no longer be a chance to say what seems impossible to say now. Is this really the time? Read more.
By: Johanna MacDonald

White Death
Non-verbal – Abstract – Physical
A poetic, non-verbal larp that emphasizes physical expression. The players are guided through feelings like anger, frustration, sorrow, and fear – and then the feelings of peace and closeness which follow the characters gentle deaths. Music by Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Johnny Cash sets the tone. Read more.
By: Nina Runa Essendrop and Simon Steen Hansen