The Black Pram

Supernatural – Player-driven – Intense

Suburbia, summer, now. A young couple became parents for the first time. Suddenly there was love, so fragile and so violent at the same time. Suddenly there was the smell of baby skin. The sensation of wispy hair in the dark. Small, grasping fingers. Greedy sounds.

And then the siege began. The sounds. The creeping coldness. The fear.

Lars and Helene are fighting for their baby’s life. Every night a dark figure with a black pram waits outside their house. It waits for them to finally come out and give him what he wants. It waits for them to give up.

If you like movies such as Pan’s Labyrinth and Sixth Sense, this is the game for you. Keywords are mood-driven, intense, creepy and player-centered.

By: Alex Uth
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 4

Download the scenario here: The Black Pram

Alex Uth has been involved in the Danish roleplaying scene since 1988. This is her 20th scenario. Her roots are firmly in the tabletop gaming, but Nordic Larping has stolen her heart away. She likes to work with dark moods, gritty themes, gridlocked situations and the dark side of things.