Dancing – Nonverbal – Intergroup dynamics

In our culture, the way we are gendered restricts how and where we are permitted to move our bodies. Men and women in our society have distinctly different body-language,interact in different ways and and feel welcome in different spaces.

This scenario explores these differences. It is played with movement only, wordlessly. Using only your body and playing with exaggerated stereotypes, you will magnify these patterns and thereby make them visible. Together, we will examine how the physical restrictions on our movements shapes our ability to interact and form relationships with others.

Furthermore, we hope you will simply have fun and enjoy moving together.

Created as a part of the #Feminism anthology.

By: Frida Karlsson Lindgren & Sofia Stenler (Swe)
Duration: 1 hour
Number of players: 3-25

Download the scenario here.

Frida Karlsson Lindgren (Sweden) is a psychology student, larp lecturer, and game master with a firm belief that people talk too much, and not enough.

Sofia Stenler (Sweden) holds a Ph.D in gene therapy, a black belt in Jujutsu and is a long time larper. Sofia is the president of the association Ursula, through which she organized UnderStockholm, an urban fantasy project that examined alienation, and Last Will, a dystopian future larp about poverty, agency, and self-worth.