Teenagers – Friendship – Hobbyhorses
By: Nynne Søs Rasmussen (dk)
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 3


Amina, Cecilie, and Olivia go to the same public school and are interested in performing dressage competitions on hobbyhorses. During the game they’ll develop a close friendship through their interest. All three of them are struggling with personal dilemmas connected to the hobby they love but fear their surroundings response to. The game takes place in a social housing block area north of Copenhagen, and follow the girls through a dark winter towards a begin spring and a big competition, they are training for.

The game will be played semi-live, and hobbyhorses will be provided for the players. The hobbyhorses Thunder, Silja and Eyvindur have their own personality and temperament, which the girls have made up. The horses can both enforce their owner’s personality traits or try to pull her in a whole other direction. The players will be taught how to animate the hobbyhorses and use them to affect the narrative in the introductory workshop.

Hobbyhorse is a feel-good drama about the courage and vulnerability, which is a part of practicing a hobby, your surroundings might find difficult to understand.

Download: Hobbyhorse


Nynne is a teacher at a Danish boarding school using roleplay to teach all subjects. She amongst other things been one of main organizers of international larp conference Knudepunkt in Denmark. “Hobbyhorse” is her first freeform scenario.