A Place to Fuck Each Other

Queer – Relationships – Drama

A Place To Fuck Each Other is a game about queer women and the relationships they tentatively build within new spaces. The spotlight moves through a cluster of lovers as they play slice-of-life scenes about hooking up and moving in. It’s a game about hope, disillusionment, and attempting to create healthy queer spaces.

The game is for three players. Roles rotate, but in every scene two people will play Lovers and the final person will play the Third. Scenes are about tacit negotiation between the Lovers and the Third, between expectations and realities.

This is a game about queer women—whether gay or bi, butch, femme, trans, not. But it’s also about the spaces held by a specific group of queer women. Life is long, gender can surprise us, and for this reason you might find your story occasionally making space for people who no longer identify as women, or don’t yet, or who have muddled relationships with queerness, and just—know that all of these stories have a place in this game.

By: Avery Mcdaldno (US)
Duration: 2 hours
Number of players: 3

Download the scenario here.

Avery Mcdaldno is a queer, trans game designer living in Vancouver. Her works include Monsterhearts, The Quiet Year, Dream Askew, and Ribbon Drive. Read more here.