A Wedding in Överum

Homecomings — Belonging — Relations
By: Eva Meunier & Jenny Fornell Hjelm
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 4-8

What gives a place its life, gives it a soul so present that you feel like you could touch it? What happens when the collective memory is slowly erased, making the once natural place to be together turn into a place for forgotten conflicts, awkward kisses and drunken disappointment? Does our shared history wear off?

You are invited to “A Wedding in Överum”, a scenario about homecomings and identity, status and self-appreciation (or depreciation). What happens when you either stay in a context, or move away from it, and then get back together?

Överum is a place for deceptions, a place for celebrations, a place for meetings and memories. The place, and what it means to you, will define who you are and the hopes and expectations you carry within yourself. Join the party the way you are – or as the person you strive to be – and see if your decision to accept the invitation to the wedding was the right one.

Cheers, to love!

Played in Swedish. 

Download Bröllop i Överum

After nearly 20 years of participating in the spellbounding world of scenarios and larps, both Eva and Jenny have got themselves substantial experience as larpers, organizers, writers and game masters. They have a lot in common: the creative point of view when it comes to arrange and play larps and scenarios, the knowledge and hands-on experiences of the intriguing game of playing in orchestras – and first hand experience of growing up in a place like … Överum.

“A Wedding in Överum” is the first scenario they write together. The idea to the scenario came to them while carsharing to a larp and has kept on haunting them since the day they met, 6 years ago. Finally this project has left their minds and become reality. Enjoy.