We Were W.A.S.P.

Sisterhood – Flying – Oppression

They do not know it yet, but their lives will change during the next year and a half. Right now they are young and full of hope. Flight certificates and patriotism. They don’t know that they will endure mockery. They will risk their lives and they will have to do it without gratitude. They will struggle to make people not denial their undeniable flying skills. They will have to find support in each other if they are to survive. But they will also find identity and a place in the world. And no one can take away their love of flying. No one can take their pride. And no one can take their friendship. They are wasps.

We Were W.A.S.P is a scenario about four women from the aviation organization W.A.S.P. – Women Airforce Service Pilots. Uncle Sam calls young women with flight certificates to a base in Arizona during the second world war. In a time where they were neither civilians nor part of the established air force. Where society called out for their help, but refused to recognize their contribution. Where they found a place to live out their lifelong dream. In the airplane in the sky, where the machine only responds to skill, not sex.

By: Ann Eriksen
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 4

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Ann Eriksen is 27 and studies History of Art when not involved in roleplaying. She has previouly organized small larps and larpconventions in Denmark but We Were W.A.S.P.s is her first Fastaval style freeformgame. For the game Ann made a lot of research about airplanes and pilots, but in real life she hates flying.

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  1. Hi, I like the theme ❤ Would be glad to know a bit more about how this is played out, what kind of play, plots and emotions that the participants dig into.

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