As Long As We Don’t Tell Anyone

As_Long_As_We_Dont_Tell_Anyone_bildUnspoken – Relationships – Obstacles
By: Anneli Friedner
Duration: 3,5h
Number of players: 4-16

How do you admit that you like someone? Especially if that someone is your teacher, your one night stand, or your gay best friend?

This is a game played in pairs about love stories that were perhaps never meant to be. It begins when one of you says that “we need to talk”. Then you play through a series of scenes and find out if you, in the end, ever did manage to have that talk. You choose two characters who try to figure out their relationship, even though there are many obstacles in the way. It is a game about the unsaid, the not-right-now and not-right-here, and the as-long-as-we-don’t-tell-anyone.

The game is built around a series of scenes that limit your communication in different ways and make it even harder to say all those things you haven’t told each other. How do you talk about that awkward crush you have when you suddenly get limited to body language or text messages only? What happens when you sit close to someone with a lot of things you want to say, not saying any of them because there’s no real room for it? A story about craving to talk, craving to act, but realising you have to behave and keep silent.

A simmering, low-key slice of life drama about bittersweet love.

Download As Long as We Don’t Tell Anyone by Anneli Friedner

Anneli Friedner is a Swedish larper, and has been one of the organisers of Prolog for the past two years. She has been active in the larp scene for the past ten years or so; creating workshops and writing her feminist blog Jeu de Rôles.

This is her first scenario for the Stockholm Scenario Festival, inspired by her interest in communication, sociolinguistics and queer love stories. She works as a high school teacher in Stockholm, and is passionate about art and knitting.