Reality – Fantasy- Desperation

Prosthetics is a game about a man and a women trying to salvage their crumbling relationship by building a house together. But the project proves to be both harder and more expensive than they thought. Instead of dealing with the situation, the man and the woman starts drifting further and further into their own fantasy world until they lose contact with reality.

In the game, players are divided into three roles: “The man”, “The woman” and “Complementary characters and game master”. Each set of characters will tell their own story, but at a point they will intertwine to mark the descent into the fantasy world. The game is divided into three acts: “We’ll get through this”, “We are strangers to each other” and “Breathe”.

By: Kristoffer Lindh & Amelie Rother-Shirren
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 6-12

Download the scenario here: Prosthetics

Kristoffer Lindh & Amelie Rother-Shirren have organized several Black box-larps, often working with relations and surrealistic themes. They are both enthusiastic boardgamers which tends to show in their games being rather heavy on mechanics.