Scenarios 2021

Stockholm Scenario Festival is a festival with short, free form role-playing games, short larps and other types of participatory storytelling — scenarios. Here we proudly present the line up of scenarios for 2021!

A_Rakes_Progress_bildA Rake’s Progress
Dance – Duels – Tragedy
By: Christian Schneider & Salme Vanhanen
This scenario follows the stories of several roguish anti-heroes of the 18th century, inspired by literary and historical characters. The players will duel, romance and dance with each other. Every player will experience the triumph as well as the inevitable tragic ending of being a true rake. Read more.

Aniara2.0_bildAniara 2.0: A space trolley problem – Premiere!
Crisis – Moral conundrum – Sci-Fi
By: Gustaf Esters

In this scenario the players represent delegates on a colony spaceship. They will have to argue, coerce, beg, and fight for their moral convictions to achieve a majority vote on an issue with fatal consequences. The options are catastrophic, the moral implications are excruciating, and the window of opportunity is closing fast. Read more.

As_Long_As_We_Dont_Tell_Anyone_bildAs Long as We Don’t Tell Anyone – Premiere!
Unspoken – Relationships – Obstacles
By: Anneli Friedner
How do you admit that you like someone? Especially if that someone is your teacher, your one-night stand, or your gay best friend? Two people struggle to communicate while the game design keeps putting obstacles in the way. A simmering, bittersweet story about love that was maybe never meant to be. Read more.

Beautiful_Dreamer_bildBeautiful Dreamer
Mother/daugher relationship – Growing up – Forgiveness
Niklas Disefalk
We follow a relationship between a mother and a daughter over a lifetime. From the child’s boundless love, to the teenage daughter’s emotional liberation process and so on through life. What is a parent willing to sacrifice to get to see her child grow up? And who pays the price? Read more.

Thriller – Supernatural – Sensuality
Mikkel Bækgaard & Lars Kaos Andresen
Two lonely teenagers experience their first earth-shattering love, releasing strengths and powers they didn’t know about beforehand. A sensual thriller about finding the courage to be who you truly are – if  you are prepared to face the consequences. 
Read more.

Cyborg_Gaia_AlliesCyborg Gaia Allies – Premiere!
Collaborative – Worldbuilding – Transformative
By: Lina Persson & Josephine Rydberg
This is a step into the story world Cyborg Gaia. Cyborg Gaia is a possible future, sustainable and climate just. This future sends messages of sorts to the present that, if deciphered correctly, will help make this future happen. The players of the scenario will become sensitized in order to become Gaia interpreters or Gaia allies. Read more.

Democratize_bild_RedigeradDemocratize – the Chilean Example
Politics – Negotiations – Chile
By: Truls Nilsson & Amanda Valentin
The scenario is based on a true story – the democratization of Chile and more specifically the referendum and the election that took place in 1988 and 1990. The characters represent different interest groups in the Chilean society at the time. Read more.

Down_the_River_bildDown to the River – Premiere!
Friendship – Close-to-home – Storytelling
By: Jonas Hörberg & Fredrik Åkerlind
A lowkey scenario about close friendship through the different stages of life. It is a friendship where you are there for one another, and dare to ask for help when life fails you. It is a friendship that changes over time, but there will always be someone there to hold your back. During a summer night down by the river we’ll create and share this friendship. It will be a story worth telling. Read more.

Fjäder_hemsidan_scenarionaEverything But the Whole Truth – Premiere!
Subjectiveness – Co-storytelling – Card-driven
By: Henrik Isaksson
In this scenario, two players will explore an event through a series of monologues and scenes performed in a subjective perspective. There is a perpetrator and a victim. Or maybe both are perpetrators or victims? There is also an objective truth, but we will really only be able to guess it. There is no fixed script – the players improvise the story using the game’s framework. In the end, you will have told a common story, where very little is common. Read more.

 FourStrangers_bildFour Strangers – Premiere!
Conversations – Choices – Conflict
By: Anneli Albertsson

Four strangers enter a train, each with their own goals, difficulties, and fears. They all expect to journey in solitude, but as they are cut off from the outside world, they are forced into conversation with each other. As they get closer to their destination, the stakes are raised, and each will be forced to make a choice. Who am I going to be? Read more.

Glamourous_Nights_bildGlamourous Night
Mind control – Contact improvisation – Trauma recovery
By: Jon Cole
Medieval spellcasters use mind control charms on one another to cope with chaos. Despite hurting others, they have a chance to heal from their own trauma and redeem themselves. Play is mostly nonverbal movement to music, using methods based on the scenario Spellbound’s Ars Rego technique and contact improvisation. Read more.

If_I_Could_See_Your_Face_Again_bildIf I Could See Your Face Again – Premiere!
Family – Fear of Death – Hope
By: Kjell Hedgard Hugaas & Karijn van der Heij
In a small West Virginian mining town, an accident leaves a skeleton crew of miners trapped underground with little to no hope of escape. As a rescue operation gets set in motion, we follow the daily lives of the affected families. It is a game about love, adversity, fear of death, and hope. Read more.

Love_and_War_bildLove and War
Drama – Relationships – Second World War
By: Fia Idegård & Anna Westerling
Set during the Second World War, this scenario is like living through a BBC drama. Following the lives of four young friends who battle with relationships and everyday hardships, while doing their bit for England. Read more.

Mall_rats_bildMall Rats – Premiere!
Relations – Secrets – Conflict
By: Sara Sheikhi
Mall Rats is a chamber larp exploring the struggles and interpersonal relationships of some workers and visitors in a typical mall. The employees sometimes call the most frequent visitors, a group of unwanted and unruly teenagers, the “Rat Gang”. Whilst the mall offers a sense of anonymity and even a sense of safety for some of them, there are cracks in the mall that are barely covered by the interior décor. Read more.

Song_of_Simon_bildSong of Simon
Teenagers – Erotica – Body horror
By: Tor Kjetil Edland & Danny Wilson
This is a quirky story about two twins going to an elite Swiss boarding school. Things start out as light-hearted erotica, but turns sinister as the twins realize that one of them is slowly turning into a monster, with an increasing appetite for raw flesh. Read more.

The_Party_bildThe Party – Premiere!
Choice – Life – Death
By: Johan Dahlberg
The Party is a philosophical drama about a group of friends having a great party. The game has five acts. At the end of every act the world ends. Everybody dies. This game is about death, but more so about life, and the choices that we make. Read more.

The_Replacement_bildThe Replacement – Premiere!
Family – Social roles – Magical realism
By: Karolina Soltys
The scenario is set in the real world but with one magical element present: people can decide to find someone to take over their life, similar to how one would seek a replacement tenant to take over a flat rental contract. How will that change affect their family? Read more.


The Things in My Father’s House
Sisterhood – Family drama – Memories
By: Ann Kristine Eriksen
Three adult sisters are cleaning out their late father’s house, a man who suffered from Hoarding Disorder throughout their childhood. In the piles of rubbish, they rediscover old memories of neglect, but also hope for reconciliation and a renewed sense of sisterhood. Read more.

To the Bitter end
Card driven – Selfish relationship – Intimate experience
By: Lizzie Stark & Bjarke Pedersen

A card-based roleplay that takes the players through a romantic relationship from the first sparks of attraction to when the love dies out. An intimate story for two players where each side has their own goals. Read more.

When_Friendship_Deepens_bildWhen Friendship Deepens – Premiere!
Friendship – Emotions – Repetition
By: Joel Grimm & Gustav Nilsson

An emotionally intense scenario about creating friendships, and making them ever deeper. The scenario aims to find the fragile moments when friendship happens. Read more.

Wilful_Disregard_bild_litenWilful Disregard
Sex – Love – Expectations
By: Anna Westerling

She wants love, he wants sex. We follow their relationship from first meeting, first date and to the bitter end. They meet, have sex – and do inner monologues. How do you make it work when it is broken from the beginning? Read more.