To the Wonder

Childhood – Play/Adventure – Fears
By: Martin Nielsen & Karete Jacobsen Meland
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 5 – 10

Something terrible is happening in the life of a child, and they are afraid that everything as they know it will change. But they’ve heard a story about the rainbow, saying that if they can find the end of it, they are granted one wish that will come true. They decide that they will leave home for a journey through the woods, mountains and lakes, searching for the rainbow in order to make everything as it was before. On their way, they meet other children who are looking for the same thing, and they decide to travel together. They play, explore and sleep together, and they strive to overcome the challenges they meet along their way. They encounter creatures helping them, but all fear that they will see the dangerous Troglodyte, whom they’ve heard is hiding in the shadows …

Martin is a larpwright and larp organizer living in Oslo, and he has been central in several larprelated projects both internationally and in Norway – such as Grenselandet, the Larpwriter Summer School, and Knutepunkt. He is the manager of Alibier, a small company working with collaborative methods, specialising in roleplay. Karete has been larping and designing both in and out of Norway for over ten years, and has been organising conventions and festivals such as Spillerom, Knutepunkt and Grenselandet. She works part-time for Alibier, as well as being a licensed clinical psychologist.