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Welcome to the sign up for Stockholm Scenario Festival 2022!

We’re so happy to have you! Sign up here!

Sign up will be open until November 11th 20:00, OR until we’ve sold out of tickets. 

Please note: You have to be 18 years old or older to sign up to the festival. 


Ticket prices

There are three kinds of tickets for the Festival.

  • The Regular ticket for most participants. It helps us pay for the venue, food and other expenses.
    Price 800 SEK.
  • The Sponsor ticket that not only sponsors a Subsidised ticket, but also helps us finance the extra props and party decorations. Price 1200 SEK.
  • The Subsidised ticket for those who have difficulties affording the Regular ticket. One Subsidised ticket will be released for every Sponsor ticket bought. Price 600 SEK.


Included in the ticket

Your own personlised schedule with great games during the weekend, Friday-Sunday. 
Three meals (lunch and dinner Saturday, lunch Sunday). 


Safety, cancellation and refunds

There are no refunds for cancellations, but participants are allowed to give/sell their ticket to someone else. This new participant will have to accept the schedule made for the original ticket holder.

This year we will demand that all participant are either fully vaccinated against Covid-19 at the time of the festival, or have a covid test taken within 24 hours of arrival.

If the test is positive, or if they have symptoms of covid-19/other sicknesses, the participant can either give/sell their ticket to someone else, or else the ticket is forfeit.