A Piece of Meat


Cannibalism – Surrealism – Sensuality
By: Nicolai Strøm Steffensen

Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 6-22

“I have always wanted to be spit roasted and eaten ever since I can remember. Are there any real cannibals out there who can do that for me?””

The Host has once again found a willing Meat, and a select group of people have joined together to participate in the feast. The Meat has always fantasized about being eaten, and tonight they are the main course on the menu.

A Piece of Meat is a surreal and sensual experience of (self-)cannibalism.

About the author
Nicolai Strøm Steffensen has played and designed Blackbox larps for over 10 years, including running games at Blackbox CPH, Grenselandet, and The Smoke.

Nicolai has also been attending Fastaval for many years, where he has written a scenario, as well as been a scenario jury member for three years.