The Party

Choice – Life – Death
By: Johan Dahlberg
Duration: 3 hours
Number of players: 3-10

The Party is a philosophical drama about a group of friends having a great party. The game has five acts. At the end of every act the world ends. Everybody dies.

Before the game starts the players will develop characters and scenes for these characters to play out. As the game progresses, the restrictions on the scenes and on the characters are removed one by one. At the end the characters are free to act as they choose.

The game aims to explore questions about the meaningfulness of life and the choice in the face of death. It does not provide any answers to these questions.

Johan Dahlberg has been into roleplaying games since the late 90’s. He has co-written and run games in forests, cathedrals and black boxes. He is particularly interested in games exploring philosophical themes. He holds a PhD in molecular medicine and builds software for a living.