Sons of the North

Team spirit – Feel good – Drama
By: Thor Fejerskov and Marie Oscilowski
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 5

The world is not all rainbow and sunshine, and success is something you have to fight for. If you want something, then you have to fight for it. Prove it to me, yourself and Australia that you have what it takes. Go out on the field and do your best and make sure everyone will remember this day.
– Coach Brooks

Sons of the North is a feel-good, underdog drama, where the players have to overcome their own problems on the field, so that they can take the victory on it.

We follow five team members from The Northern Hellbenders through a season they stand to lose. Again. Through the scenario the players struggle with their own problems, but through friendship and team spirit they might go all the way, against all odds.

The scenario is not about sport. It is about people. It is about realising that you’re part of something bigger, and that we are stronger together.

Thor Fejerskov and Marie Oscilowski have written several scenarios for the Danish convention Fastaval. As a team they like to write feel good genre adaptions, which focus on friendship, coming together as a group, and love.