Scenarios 2021

Stockholm Scenario Festival is a festival with short, free form role-playing games, short larps and other types of participatory storytelling — scenarios. Here we proudly present the line up of scenarios for 2021!

Thriller – Supernatural – Sensuality
Two lonely teenagers experience their first earth-shattering love, releasing strengths and powers they didn’t know about beforehand. A sensual thriller about finding the courage to be who you truly are – if you are prepared to face the consequences.
By: Mikkel Bækgaard & Lars Kaos Andresen

Sky_pirate_bildSky Pirate
Magical realism – Children – Tragedy
Three children have lost their father. Their grandmother’s comforting tale of their father as an adventurous sky pirate becomes the start of a magical journey, and an inevitable tragedy. A scenario about the dead that we can not let go of, and the dead who can not let go of us.
By: René Toft

The Things in My Father’s House
Sisterhood – Family drama – Memories
Three adult sisters are cleaning out their late father’s house, a man who suffered from Hoarding Disorder throughout their childhood. In the piles of rubbish, they rediscover old memories of neglect, but also hope for reconciliation and a renewed sense of sisterhood.
By: Ann Kristine Eriksen

A Rake’s Progress
Dance – Duels – Tragedy
This scenario follows the stories of several roguish anti-heroes of the 18th century, inspired by literary and historical characters. The players will duel, romance and dance with each other. Every player will experience the triumph as well as the inevitable tragic ending of being a true rake.
By: Christian Schneider & Salme Vanhanen

Song of Simon
Teenagers – Erotica – Body horror
This is a quirky story about two twins going to an elite Swiss boarding school. Things start out as light-hearted erotica, but turns sinister as the twins realize that one of them is slowly turning into a monster, with an increasing appetite for raw flesh.
By: Tor Kjetil Edland & Danny Wilson

Love and War
Drama – Relationships – Second World War
Set during the Second World War, this scenario is like living through a BBC drama. Following the lives of four young friends who battle with relationships and everyday hardships, while doing their bit for England.
By: Fia Idegård & Anna Westerling

Glamourous Nights
Mind control – Contact improvisation – Trauma recovery
Medieval spellcasters use mind control charms on one another to cope with chaos. Despite hurting others, they have a chance to heal from their own trauma and redeem themselves. Play is mostly non verbal movement to music, using methods based on the scenario Spellbound’s Ars Rego technique and contact improvisation.
By: Jon Cole

Mall_rats_bildMall Rats
Relations – Secrets – Conflict
Mall Rats is a chamber larp exploring the struggles and interpersonal relationships of some workers and visitors in a typical mall. The employees sometimes call the most frequent visitors, a group of unwanted and unruly teenagers, the “Rat Gang”. Whilst the mall offers a sense of anonymity and even a sense of safety for some of them, there are cracks in the mall that are barely covered by the interior décor.
By: Sara Sheikhi

When Friendship Deepens
Friendship – Emotions – Repetition
An emotionally intense scenario about creating friendships, and making them ever deeper. The scenario aims to find the fragile moments when friendship happens.
By: Joel Grimm & Gustav Nilsson